Enrolling at Valley Drive Preschool

To enroll their children at Valley Drive Cooperative Preschool, parents should contact the Valley Drive Membership Chairperson to schedule a tour or call 703-519-3737 for more information.

It is preferred that children applying for enrollment to Valley Drive’s 2-year-old program be 2 1/2 years of age by September 30 of their enrollment year.

Registration Information for the 2020-21 School Year

Questions, contact membership at


Valley Drive provides priority enrollment to siblings of current Valley Drive students and former Valley Drive families. The remainder of the available spots will be filled through applications from new families. Valley Drive reserves the right to offer admission to families as needed to achieve an appropriate gender balance in the classrooms.

Families with a strong interest in Valley Drive have the option of submitting an early application at Open House along with an application fee and the first non-refundable tuition payment. Those applications will be used to fill as many of the available slots as possible. Our goal is to give families who are confident that Valley Drive is a good fit a chance to enroll early. Should there be too many early applications for the number of available slots in a given class, the spaces will be filled using a priority lottery with the early applications. Should the majority of the early applications be from one gender, a lottery will be used for that gender to ensure balanced classes.

For families not interested in the early application process, a second lottery will be held after Open House every year. Families offered admission during the second lottery need to make their first tuition payment within seven days to secure the space. Families not offered admission through either early application or the lottery will be placed on a wait list and offered admission as spaces become available.


As a cooperative preschool, our tuition is kept low through parent involvement. This is a dual benefit. Not only do we enjoy moderate tuition payments, but we have the opportunity to share fully in our children’s first school experiences and to gain from the parenting education unique to working closely with teachers and other parents.

Financial Aid

Valley Drive is committed to offering financial aid assistance each year. Financial Aid recipients will be expected to perform all the duties of the cooperative program. Interested parents should complete the Financial_Aid_Application.

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Now Enrolling

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