Date:28 Apr, 2015



Science education is part of every class at Valley Drive. Teachers use hands-on materials to introduce children to science concepts. Through discussion, children reveal their thinking allowing teachers to plan further activities to build on what children understand. The Exploration Room gives them an opportunity for hands-on experience and discovery.

The large outdoor area for both playground fun and teacher-led exploration of the garden areas at the Immanuel Church on the Hill location make an ideal outdoor classroom. Children can be outdoors for much of the day when they wear appropriate clothing. Explorations include art and science activities, integrated with math and literacy skill-building.

Resources such as the National Science Teachers Association’s position statement on early childhood science education and Peggy Ashbrook’s book of science activities, Science is Simple: Over 250 Activities for Preschoolers (Gryphon House 2003) support teachers as they embrace children’s curiosity and channel it towards learning.