Date:28 Apr, 2015



Yoga classes at Valley Drive incorporate movement, breath, relaxation, games, and/or stories. Each age group begins with a bell listening exercise where children learn to settle their bodies and minds. The session may follow such themes as nature, holiday, or topics related to the classroom curriculum. Breathing and warm-ups help children to focus, to connect, and to release energy. After their age group’s version of Sun Salutations, the class explores the theme through standing poses, balances, and their own playful creative movement. Other activities may include partner or group poses and non-competitive games like Yogi Says, which help establish community, cooperation, and patience. Class ends in the relaxation pose called savasana.Through breath, movement, and relaxation, the children develop mind-body awareness; learn how to act compassionately; self-regulate; connect with a positive self and community; and have fun!

Classes meet once a month for each group. The Yellow Ducks hold class in the Exploration Room where they can move around in a smaller area. The Green Frogs and the Busy Bees have class in the Large Room upstairs with mats. If weather permits, the Bees may also hold class outside on the deck.