Enrolling at Valley Drive Preschool

To enroll their children at Valley Drive Cooperative Preschool, parents should contact the Valley Drive Membership Chairperson to schedule a tour or call 703-519-3737 for more information.


Valley Drive Preschool admissions are conducted on a rolling basis.  Meaning you can enroll at anytime during the year as long as space is available. Before submitting an application parents are encouraged to tour the school.


As a cooperative preschool, our tuition is kept low through parent involvement. This is a dual benefit. Not only do we enjoy moderate tuition payments, but we have the opportunity to share fully in our children’s first school experiences and to gain from the parenting education unique to working closely with teachers and other parents.

Application Fee: $50
Enrollment Fee: $75

2022/2023 Tuition
Ducks – 2s Class: $3,140/yr or 10 installments of $314
Frogs – 3s Class: $4,150/yr or 10 installments of $415
4-Day Bees – 4s Class: $4,990/yr or 10 installments of $499
5-Day Bees – 4s Class: $5,700/yr or 10 installments of $570

Financial Aid

Valley Drive is committed to offering financial aid assistance each year. Financial Aid recipients will be expected to perform all the duties of the cooperative program. Interested parents will be given an application upon request.

Now Enrolling

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